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1970 Innocenti Mini Cooper Estate Wagon

Color:               British Racing Green with Oak Trim

No. Produced:   28,000 coupes, 1100 Wagons

As a successor to the highly desirable Mini Cooper S (1964-1971), the rare Innocenti was built under license in Milan by the brothers behind Lambretta scooters. They built 28,200 cars on the Mini Cooper Mark III platform, and featured the same 1275cc ‘S’ engine with its twin Solex carbs, producing 71bhp.

It will propel the car  to about 100mph, and return over 33mpg with easel With Mini Cooper S specifications to brakes, suspension, and steering, the car is quick, handles great holds all kinds of cargo with the back seat down and is unbelievable fun!

We acquired this Mini from an Italian friend with a severe anal complex, thus it came to us in the original and pristine condition you see it in now. One should always buy from anal people….